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Glazed doughnuts

I'm all about simplicity these days.  If I can make or prep something the day or night before, leaving me time to enjoy family or company, I'll do it.

These doughnuts are perfect for a holiday (it's similar to the dough I use for the sweet zeppole), long weekend or whenever there will be a few young ones (or anyone with a sweet tooth) around mid morning, when it is normally time for a morning cuppa.  I know this is technically a baking blog but frying makes these fritters delicately light and airy, it cannot be replicated al forno.  Plus, we don't fry too many treats these days, so I don't get too excited about it. 

Make the dough the night before and fry up the meltingly tender fruits of your labour in the morning. Best eaten the day they are made, these are without compare.  I've posted this recipe (as a link to the Gourmet website) before but feel compelled to post it again because the recipe truly is a keeper. If you only ever make these on a Christmas mo…